Turn your DSLR prime lenses into anamorphic lenses with our custom built anamorphic lens kits!

What Are Anamorphic Lenses?

Our anamorphic lenses are cinema-grade lenses adaptable for modern DSLR and cinema cameras. Anamorphic lenses attach to the front of a prime lens set and double the horizontal view by a factor of 2. Once de-squeezed in post, this results in long horizontal lens flares and beautiful painted bokeh that sets an image far apart from the traditional DSLR look.

Anamorphic Lenses For Sale

Benefits & Features

Anamorphic lenses are a great tool for cinematographers looking to make their photography stand apart from traditional images. Traditional anamorphic prime lenses like Cooke are tremendous quality, but come at a tremendous price. Our lenses were originally expensive cinema lenses meant to sharply resolve theatrical film. We have re-purposed them to be adaptable and affordable.

Interested? Read more about the benefits of anamorphic lenses.

Painted bokeh

A unique “cinema”-style painted look that cannot be duplicated.


Own rather than rent, and sharpen your anamorphic skills.

Reduce crop

Anamorphic lenses double your field of view and effectively reduce your sensor crop factor.

Flare Style

Each lens has unique flare characteristics to give your cinematography a unique look

Which Single Focus Anamorphic Lens to use for your DSLR?

Posted by | June 19 | No Comments on Which Single Focus Anamorphic Lens to use for your DSLR?

Nearly all anamorphic lenses that are available are dual focus. This means that to focus, you must first focus the anamorphic lens, and then focus the prime lens that your anamorphic lens is attached to. For nature photographers, and slower paced setups this is not an issue. Dual focus is kind of like “muscle memory”- once you learn where your […]

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New Schneider Single Focus Anamorphic Lens Kit

Posted by | March 31 | No Comments on New Schneider Single Focus Anamorphic Lens Kit

By popular demand we have now developed a single focus version of the brilliant Schneider XL anamorphic lens. This version uses premium coating optics with blackened edges to provide absolute anamorphic transparency and cinema-quality optics.     The previous dual focus version can be seen here. The kit can be purchased below. Purchase the ready to shoot Schneider Anamorphic Single […]

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Anamorphic Lenses on a Short Film

Posted by | December 29 | No Comments on Anamorphic Lenses on a Short Film

Anamorphic Cinematography Series As a part of our continuing series on anamorphic cinematography, here are impressions from shooting with anamorphic lenses on a 48 hour short film project. To see excerpts from the project, watch the video below: Equipment used on this film includes: Panasonic GH5 with v2 firmware update Zhiyun Crane 2 58mm f/2 Helios 44-2 85mm f/2 Jupiter […]

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  • Anamoprhic is a secret weapon, so few filmmakers know that they’re adaptable without huge budgets. It’s such an easy way of making an image stand out.

    Dan Jones


  • Anamorphic lenses just have the kind of character that’s missing in modern glass. It’s so organic.

    Mark N

    Executive Producer

  • I love shooting using anamorphic lenses on DSLR. You’re working with a different kind of canvas and there are so many possibilities.

    Paul Fox

    Camera Operator & Cinematographer

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