Anamorphic Lens Calculator: What Lenses Will Work?

Updated Oct 17th 2017.

Our most common question from those interested shooting with anamorphic lenses on their DSLR: will my camera and lenses work?

The DSLR anamorphic lens calculator below makes answering these concerns much easier. Just input your lens, you camera specifications, and hit calculate to see what you will need to be able to shoot anamorphic on your DSLR.

Why do longer lenses work better with amamorphic?

Remember that when using 2x anamorphic lenses, you are doubling field of view. Using longer lenses is perfectly acceptable from a cinematography standpoint as they will render much wider in anamorphic and give more freedom to compose a frame while emphasizing anamorphic bokeh. A 100mm anamorphic setup will result in the same field of view as a 50mm aspherical (non-anamorphic).

If you’re shooting with a full frame camera and want to use wider lenses, check your options to enable crop mode on the Sony A7s or shoot in x3 or x10 mode with Canon Magic Lantern.

View our anamorphic lens comparison chart.

The DSLR 2X Anamorphic Lens Calculator

Taking Lens Focal Length
Sensor Crop Factor
Focal Reducer
Additional Crop Mode
Capture Aspect Ratio


Anamorphic Field of View
Final Aspect Ratio
Will this work?

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