Schneider XL 2X DSLR Anamorphic Lens Single Focus Kit


With optimum clarity and edge-to-edge sharpness, Schneider XL anamorphic lens kit is for the filmmaker who desires the clearest image.

The single focus version of this kit includes optics from our premium single focus anamorphic attachment. These custom optics use luxury-grade coating and have blackened edges for pure clarity.

Attach this lens kit to your DSLR lens with the included 72mm clamp and transform your prime lenses into anamorphic- without any degradation of quality or apparent loss of light.

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Will my camera work?

Our anamorphic lenses are built to work on any DSLR available today as well as medium format and cinema cameras. Use our anamorphic lens calculator here to determine what focal length and prime lenses you would need with your setup.

Key Features

  • Compact and light: 4.2″ (106mm) long; 2.7″ (70mm) wide; around 1.2lb (0.54kg) in weight.
  • Large rear element improves optical quality and reduces vignetting
  • Adapts to virtually any camera and lens setup using an INCLUDED 72mm clamp.
  • TACK SHARP at any aperture, even wide open at f/1.4. This is the sharpest anamorphic lens we’ve ever tested
  • Focus down to 1-2 ft (0.3m) without any diopters!
  • Visually no light loss between anamorphic lens and taking lens.
  • 2x anamorphic stretch ratio provides beautiful oval anamorphic painting-like bokeh. Shoot 4:3 for a cinematic 2.66:1 aspect ratio.
  • Premium German-made¬†build quality.
  • Extremely smooth focusing mechanism with 360 degree follow focus gear
  • Single focusing or dual focusing available

More Tests

Which Lenses Will Work?

For m43 cameras, pair this lens with primes around 55mm and longer.

For APS-C and Super35 cameras, use 75mm primes and longer.

For Full Frame cameras, shoot 100mm and longer.

Please use our interactive anamorphic calculator to determine how this applies to your setup.

Anamorphic lenses double your field of view. A 50mm prime lens will become a 25mm anamorphic- but retaining the depth of field of your 50mm prime.

In general, you will achieve best results and avoid vignetting by using longer prime lenses.

Please note that other factors such as front lens diameter and aperture setting may also affect vignetting and will vary based on individual lens used.

How To Attach to your Camera

This setup simply attaches to the front filter thread of your prime lens and turns it into an anamorphic. Our kit includes a 72mm clamp. If your prime lens does not have a 72mm filter thread, then you may use step rings without any issue.

The seamless fit of this custom clamp prevents light leaks and does not use screws that damage your lens.


This product is for the ANAMORPHIC LENS KIT and CLAMP ONLY. Each Anamorphic Lens may vary slightly in exterior color but will be identical in optical performance to all of the images and demos listed. Lenses are in perfect optical condition and good cosmetic condition.


For domestic shipping, we ship USPS Priority mail same business day, before 2PM CST.  Please be sure to do your research on adapting anamorphic lenses for DSLR before purchasing. Our blog features many tips and tutorials for anamorphic shooting.

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    Additional information

    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

    1.2lb (0.54kg)


    4.2" (106mm) long; 2.7" (70mm) wide

    Focus Type

    Single Focus, Dual Focus

    Lens Coating

    Original, Removed