Single Focus Anamorphic Lens Conversion Kit


Our custom built premium single focusing anamorphic attachment kits help filmmakers achieve single focus with nearly any anamorphic lens. We set out to create single focus optics that can achieve maximum transparency with the anamorphic lens. The kit includes a single focus attachment (v1, or v4) and our front filter thread clamp.

V4 of our single focusing rangefinder attachment is built with four new premium custom optical elements applied with high quality nanocoatings. The coatings used by these custom optics are the same coatings used by high-end watch manufacturers to maximize clarity in watch crystals. The edges of the optics are custom finished to minimize any internal reflections and retain the quality characteristics of your anamorphic lens. v1 is smaller and uncoated, resulting in more flaring from the rangefinder.

In short, we built this anamorphic lens with optimum transparency in mind.

This single focusing attachment allows you to focus your anamorphic lens down to 6-12 inches (0.3m) without any diopters! The included 360 degree lens gear on the rangefinder allows for easy use of follow focus units and unlocks the ability to rack focus your anamorphic.

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Isco Micro Single Focus Anamorphic Test

SLR Magic Rangefinder

Isco Micro Single Focus Anamorphic Test


This lens is an anamorphic single focus attachment kit and MUST be paired with an anamorphic lens. While this was designed for our Isco Micro series of lenses, this attachment will work on most anamorphic lenses with a front element diameter of up to around 65mm. For anamorphic lenses with larger front diameters, vignetting may occur.

The kit includes both anamorphic lens and front filter thread. You must let us know the size or model of your anamorphic lens front before ordering.


  • PREMIUM OPTICAL QUALITY with V4 luxury grade nanocoatings for near transparency
  • Adapts to virtually any anamorphic lens via a 77mm/82mm thread (v4) or 58mm (V1)
  • 180 degree focus throw with a 360 degree gear for follow focus
  • Non-rotating 82mm front filter (v4) or 58mm front filter (v1)
  • One of the lightest single focus setups available- just .5lb (0.3kg) in weight. Far lighter and smaller than comparable anamorphic rangefinders.
  • Focus all the way down to around 6-12 inches (0.3m) without using diopters.
  • Helicoid focus- easily rack-focus with your subjects using only one lens instead of focusing both the anamorphic and taking lens. Set your taking and prime to infinity, and you’re ready to single focus!

How To attach

You must use an anamorphic lens clamp or front filter thread to attach this to your anamorphic lens setup. Our custom clamp is not included in this listing. Our custom clamp seamless fit prevents any light leaks and does not use screws that damage your lens.

How do I focus?

To setup, you must first attach the anamorphic setup to the front filter of your prime taking lens (Zeiss, Canon, Nikon, Rokinon, Sigma, etc) using an anamorphic clamp. Next, set infinity focus on your prime taking lens and anamorphic lens. You are now ready to focus with our single focus attachment. Simply rotate the single focus attachment to focus closer, or to infinity. When setting your focus scale to infinity, your minimum focus will be around 1 feet (0.3m).

To change the focus scale for close focus, adjust the taking and anamorphic lens to set your “infinity focus” to around 3 feet. This will now allow you to use the attachment to focus to around 5-6 inches (.15m) without using diopters.

How does this compare to other anamorphic attachments?

This lens has been built with a focus system that allows for a very compact setup- the sharpest, lightest single focus setup available. We wanted something that didn’t heavily weigh down a gimbal setup, require large focusing mechanisms, add stress to the camera mount. This attachment was a perfect fit for our Isco Micro lens with matching premium optical quality.


This listing is for the SINGLE FOCUS ANAMORPHIC ATTACHMENT SETUP ONLY. This includes ONLY our custom single-focusing attachment with a rear and front thread and our custom front filter thread clamp. This listing does not include the camera, the prime taking lens, or any other accessories.

If you need an anamorphic lens, please visit our store for many options.


We ship USPS Priority mail same business day, before 2PM CST. Only the anamorphic lens is included in this listing, and no other gear that may appear in the listing pictures such as camera, taking lens, etc are included. Please be sure to do your research on adapting anamorphic lenses for DSLR before purchasing. Our popular blog features many tips and tutorials for anamorphic shooting.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 5 in

less than 1lb (0.6kg)


4.2in (100mm) height

Lens Version

Single Focus V4, Single Focus V1