Anamorphic Lens Wide Angle Superscope


The SuperScope is a lens with high-quality optics that further increase your anamorphic field of view by 1.5x! The SuperScope addition allows for longer taking lenses to be used to avoid vignetting on anamorphic lenses, but still retains the wide field of view of 2x anamorphic. This lens attachment does not change your aspect ratio. A rear thread (58mm for V1, 82mm for v4) allows you to attach this lens to an anamorphic lens, either directly or with a single focus attachment.

You must pair this with an anamorphic lens kit. Looking for our an anamorphic lens ready to shoot with this Superscope? We have one here!

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  • Extremely high quality optics that do not detract from the optical quality of your anamorphic lens kit
  • Attaches directly to a 58mm front filter on your anamorphic lens or our custom single focus kit
  • Features a lens cap and 86mm front filter thread

Panasonic gh5 isco micro anamorphic superscope lens adapter test


Panasonic gh5 isco micro anamorphic superscope lens adapter test


Anamorphic lenses increase your field of view by attaching them to the front of your prime lens.

To calculate your final field of view using this SuperScope, see the following example equation:

50mm prime taking lens / 2x anamorphic / 1.5x superscope

RESULTING FIELD OF VIEW: 16mm anamorphic

In other words, adding this Superscope Anamorphic Kit to your prime lenses will turn a 50mm f/1.4 prime lens into a 16mm f/1.4 anamorphic lens.

HOW To attach

The SuperScope attaches to any 58mm filter thread. You must use an anamorphic lens front filter clamp to attach this anamorphic to your anamorphic lens kit. We recommend purchasing our custom designed one here. The seamless fit prevents light leaks and does not use screws that damage your lens.


This listing is for the SUPERSCOPE only. Does not include anamorphic, front filter thread, anamorphic lens, anamorphic clamp, or camera. Each may be purchased from our store if required. Lenses are in great optical condition.

We ship USPS Priority mail same business day, before 2PM CST. Only the anamorphic lens is included in this listing, and no other gear that may appear in the listing pictures such as camera, clamp, taking lens, etc are included. Please be sure to do your research on adapting anamorphic lenses and accessories for DSLR before purchasing. Our popular blog features many tips and tutorials for anamorphic shooting.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

1lb (0.6kg)


38mm height


V2 (58mm), V4 (82mm)

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