Un-squeezing or De-stretching Anamorphic Footage

Another common question we get concerns how footage shot with anamorphic lenses is edited in a modern editor such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. This is actually extremely easy. For a 2x anamorphic lens, you’ll simply want to rescale your footage- adjust your clip properties, uncheck uniform or proportional scaling, and either multiply your width by a factor of 2, or divide your height by a factor of 2. Done.


Premiere Pro CS6 and CC make it even easier to batch convert a whole set of anamorphic footage.

  • Highlight and select all of your footage in the browser.

  • Right-click the footage, and click Modify > Interpret Footage

  • In the dialog box that pops up, find the pixel aspect ratio drop down menu.

  • Select this drop down and select your anamorphic ratio for the anamorphic that you are using. The 2.0 will de-squeeze the classic ratio. Other lenses have 1.5x, or the SLR Magic is a 1.33 stretch. Select the proper setting, click OK, and all of your footage will instantly conform to the proper aspect ratio.

Using this technique also comes with the benefit of easily adjusting the scale of your footage in the editor without having to recalculate. Scaling up anamorphic footage to crop out the sides will adjust the aspect ratio to your desired look.

Be sure to double check when you export your edit that your pixel aspect ratio in the export window is set to Square. This is a post-edit setting, so if you’ve conformed your footage in the browser, you are all good to go!

And don’t forget, remember to be inspired, have fun, and get creative.

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