Isco Mini & Standard Top Quality Anamorphic Lenses


Isco Mini & Standard Anamorphic Lenses

Isco Mini & Standard lenses come in 4-5 different models. 1970s and 1980s models were a bit larger and heaver, while Schneider-Isco and Schneider Optic models from the 1990s are smaller and lighter. Regardless of model, all anamorphic lens optics from Isco and Schneider are precise and pristine, rendering tack sharp anamorphic images even at 6K resolution and beyond.

Why Isco Anamorphic lenses are the best anamorphic lenses for DSLR shooting.

  • Premium Isco multi-coated optics, smooth focusing, and brass casing unmatched by other manufacturers
  • 6 5/8″ (16.8cm) long, 2.5lb (1.1kg) weight
  • Adapts to virtually any camera and lens setup using a 72mm clamp
  • The SHARPEST LENS in the Isco/Schneider Arsenal, even wide open at f/1.4
  • Focus down to 10-12ft (0.9m) without diopters
  • Visually no light loss between anamorphic lens and taking lens.

Additional Accessories

Mounting Clamp

Clamp the lens to your prime lens using our custom 72mm lens clamps. For additional support, see a standard 15mm lens support.

Front Filter Thread

We offer the option of adding a 105mm, 95mm, or 86mm to the front of the anamorphic lens for attaching standard lens filters.

Custom Follow Focus Gear

Allows for follow focus attachment and 360 focusing operation.


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