Isco Micro Small, light, and compatible

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Isco Micro Compact Anamorphic Lens

The Isco Micro lens series is the smallest and highest quality anamorphic lens set available. No other lens approaches the value of Isco for sharpness and size. As with all Isco lenses, images are precise and pristine, rendering tack sharp anamorphic images even at 6K resolution and beyond. A solid brass casing encloses 5 lens elements with excellent light transmission.

We now have developed a SuperScope version of this anamorphic lens for extra wide anamorphic images! Add an additional 1.5x to your field of view with this anamorphic lens kit here.

This is a dual focus lens. If you’re interested in single focus, check out our new Isco Single Focus Anamorphic build here.

If you’re interested in extra wide anamorphic, we make a SuperScope version of this lens. Both Red and Gold versions come in SuperScope.

Why Isco Anamorphic lenses are the best anamorphic lenses for DSLR cameras.

  • Premium multi-coated optics, smooth focusing, and brass casing unmatched by other manufacturers
  • Isco Micro red version with premium optics for best corner performance
  • Available in SuperScope version for extra anamorphic wideness
  • Compact and light: 3.75″ (9.5cm) long; 2.5″ (6.4cm) wide
  • Less than 1lb (0.45kg) in weight.
  • Adapts to virtually any camera and lens setup using a clamp
  • TACK SHARP at any aperture, even wide open at f/1.4
  • Focus all the way down to 3 ft (0.9m) without diopters
  • Visually no light loss between anamorphic lens and taking lens.
  • High-quality multi-coating reduces harsh flaring. We can remove coating for full flaring potential, if desired.



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Lens & Camera Requirements

To avoid vignetting, anamorphic lenses should be paired with longer lenses. When using 2x anamorphic lenses, you are doubling your horizontal field of view. A 100mm 2x anamorphic lens will look like a 50mm spherical (non-anamorphic) lens.

See our anamorphic lens calculator to determine which lenses will work for your setup

For this Isco anamorphic, we recommend the following minimum focal lengths for common sensor sizes.

  • 85 mm
for Full Frame Cameras
  • 58 mm
for Super35 Cameras
  • 42.5 mm
for m43 Cameras

To further avoid vignetting, you can film in 4:3 mode on selected cameras such as the Magic Lantern Canon or the GH4. This will allow you to use lenses that are 75% wider without vignetting. In 4:3 mode, we recommend the following minimum focal lengths for common sensor sizes.

  • 64 mm
for Full Frame Cameras
  • 42.5 mm
for Super35 Cameras
  • 32 mm
for m43 Cameras

Additional Accessories

Mounting Clamp

Clamp the lens to your prime lens using our custom 52mm, 58mm, or 72mm lens clamps

Front Filter Thread

We offer the option of adding a 58mm or 67mm front filter thread to the front of the anamorphic lens for attaching standard lens filters.

Custom Follow Focus Gear

Allows for follow focus attachment and 360 focusing operation.


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