Cleaning A Single Focus Anamorphic Lens Attachment

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Our single focus anamorphic lens attachment (version 2) uses extremely high quality nanocoatings for maximum optical clarity. These lenses are almost transparent. Because they are so clear, they are a cosmetic magnet for dust and fingerprints. This video helps explain how to clean any dust or fingerprints that get on or in the lens.

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This video will show you how to remove the single focus element so that you can clean any dust or debris that happens to get inside the lens

all you need for this is a standard Philips screwdriver, small size jewelry size #0. It would also help to use compressed air, ethyl alcohol, and acetone for cleaning any fingerprints or sticky residue that might be on the coating itself.


We can start by removing the single focus from your anamorphic setup. If you look at the top of the single focus anamorphic attachment it has two sets of three screws. With the single focus lens attachment at its at its closed or infinity position, remove those three screws.


Once you have the screws out you can just lift the front elements straight out and now you have access to inner element.

Our single focus lenses have luxury-grade nanocoatings on them: anti-reflective coating, UV coating. This way you can retain as much anamorphic character as possible of your original anamorphic.

However, multicoatings on any lens can be very difficult to clean. They won’t be apparent in the image but they will cosmetically look really it’ll look really dirty because the elements are so are so clear.


Give the optics several quick blasts with your compressed air.


If you have any issues with the fingerprints or dust same on the elements this is where the ethyl alcohol comes in. Ethyl alcohol is a really useful secret for cleaning any lens that has a lot of reflective coating. Just wipe the lens down and fingerprints and spots almost melt away.

If you have any sticky residue, acetone (or nail polish remover) is a great antidote and will not damage your lens coating.


Finally, reattach the two elements. On the upper element, there is a little groove where an internal screw keeps the optics straight. After aligning this, look for the little screw holes.


Simply replace your screws and once you’ve got them tight on your single focus anamorphic attachment should be completely clean and operable.

Reattach it to your anamorphic and make sure it is nice and tight and you should be clean and good to go!

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