Testing the 85mm Isco Single Focus Anamorphic Lens Kit in Alaska

Anamorphic Cinematography Series

We took the Isco Micro Single Focus Anamorphic Lens kit to Alaska on the Panasonic GH5. Shooting scenery with an 85mm lens can be challenging, but we wanted to test out the look of an anamorphic lens on a longer prime lens for nature photography to practice composition.

Video is shot 100% handheld, anamorphic IBIS mode, in 4k 60fps in Cinelike-D. If there weren’t so many beautiful places to visit in the world, we couldn’t wait to get back. Alaska and their summer sunsets provide for at least twice the magic hour of the continental US.

If you’re ready to add anamorphic lenses to your tool kit, we have a limited number of Isco Micro Anamorphic Lens Single Focus kits available below.

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