Anamorphic Lenses on a Music Video

Anamorphic Cinematography Series

As a part of our continuing series on anamorphic cinematography, here is a buyer’s music video shot with the Schneider XL single focus anamorphic lens! If you are interested in seeing other works, check out our series on anamorphic lenses on TV commercials and short film anamorphic lenses.


If you have found this demo interesting and are further interested adding anamorphic to your toolbox as a cinematographer, please visit our anamorphic lens store for demos and examples. We have spent several years collecting, modifying, and testing anamorphic lenses to weed through the junk, make needed modifications, and assemble ready-to-shoot packages.

If you are interested in learning more on working with anamorphic lenses and DSLR, please check out our anamorphic tutorial blog for more anamorphic tips and tutorials!

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